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Koma 3 Door Sideboard

Koma 3 Door Sideboard is a splendid way to tidy up and at the same time storing it things so as clothes, shoes, cosmetologies or accessories to the garden. Use from our liquidation stock that is of unique offer, in frames which you will be able to purchase special products after minimum prices for. Koma 3 Door Sideboard will only cost you € 179.

Created on the basis of the very soft oak, therefore this small cupboard is really charming and great will work in it task. Let us remember only about it, that cheap furniture it is a chance, for which you cannot miss. Making up one’s mind for the purchase of the chest of drawers you can also check furniture liquidator in our shop, and you will certainly find a lot of wonderful proposals which will please you.

Remember above all not to forget also about remaining products from our offer: mattresses, chairs, tables, sofas above others. Cheap furnitures these are something what is favouring us, but also minimum prices and the relationship of the quality.