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The black bedroom. When and how to use black in the bedroom?

Black gives the interiors an elegant, luxurious character. It helps to create an atmosphere of mystery and sensuality. It is timeless and universal – it works in many styles, provides a good background for intense colours, looks good in contrasting colour combinations. How to use black in the bedroom and bedroom furniture?


Black in excess can cause unpleasant associations with loneliness, darkness, alienation and even death. That is why its use on large wall surfaces is worth considering. Such a solution may work well when a spacious, large bedroom with large windows pointing to the balcony, for example.


Instead of smooth black walls painted with uniform paint, it is worth to use black wallpapers in fancy patterns, wall panels with an interesting, reflective texture, or to use interior correcting strips, creating, for example, the most universal combination of black and white.


The optimal solution is one black wall in a room. In the bedroom we usually mark the wall behind the bed with this colour. The advantage of this solution is not only exposing the main equipment of the bedroom, but also the fact that the black surface is not visible to people lying in bed, for whom the view of the black wall before falling asleep and just after waking up could worsen the mood.


There are many fantastic solutions available on the market, which we can use in the bedroom on the wall behind the bed. These wall panels or wallpapers are available in many patterns, textures, including those imitating materials that are rarely used in cozy bedrooms, such as concrete, stone or dark wood species.


An interesting alternative to ordinary paint on the wall is the board, which creates a coating on the surface, after which we can write with chalk. Such an arrangement of a black bedroom will appeal not only to children or teenagers – writing love confessions to a partner or motivating quotations that add energy for a new day can awaken the creativity of every household member.